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By | January 10, 2020

Get explanation about topics of Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks from Cisco 300-360 exam questions of DumpsSchool.

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Question No. 1

You have a multinational customer that would like you to perform a wireless site survey for a new manufacturing facility in Singapore. They have had a local vendor install a point -to- point wireless bridge link between two buildings 1 km apart. The ground between the buildings is flat but because facilities are in the mountains, dense fog is an issue. There is no line of sight issues between the buildings. The link is experiencing errors and throughput issues. Currently the two radios are set to operate at 2.4 GHz and the transmit power is set to 7 dBm with 7 dBm antennas. What do you need to take into consideration when performing the site survey for this link?

A. Change the radio power to 17 dBm.
B. Change the radio power to 20 dBm and replace with a 16 dBm antennA.

Answer: D

Question No. 2

Which description of Cisco Centralized Key Management is true?

Answer: D

Question No. 3

A customer has determined that a cable run for a low-throughput RF design is not economically feasible to install.

Which two access point modes can alleviate these customer concerns? (Choose two.)

Answer: B, C

Question No. 4

An access point will be partially exposed to the outdoor environment in a loading dock of a factory. How should this access point be deployed in a cost-effective manner?

Answer: B

Because mesh radio waves have very high frequency in the 5-GHz band, the radio wavelength is small; therefore, the radio waves do not travel as far as radio waves on lower frequencies, given the same amount of power. This higher frequency range makes the mesh ideal for unlicensed use because the radio waves do not travel far unless a high-gain antenna is used to tightly focus the radio waves in a given direction.

Question No. 5

The ClO of a company wants to start tracking inventory in the warehouse using RFID tags and their existing wireless network.

The company hires a wireless engineer to ensure that their existing network can support this new initiative.

Which tool in Cisco Prime can help the wireless engineer?

Answer: D

Using Chokepoints to Enhance Tag Location Reporting Installation of chokepoints provides enhanced location information for RFID tags. When an active Ciscocompatible Extensions Version 1-compliant RFID tag enters the range of a chokepoint, it is stimulated by the chokepoint. The MAC address of this chokepoint is then included in the next beacon sent by the stimulated tag.

All access points that detect this tag beacon then forward the information to the controller and location appliance.


Question No. 6

What two factors could cause a post-deployment audit to show a high retransmission rate for the WLAN?

(Choose two.)

Answer: A, B

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